So you want to know who I am...don't cha?
I'm Shi ^-^ (ShE).
I run this thang.
I stay fit and keep my workouts nasty :p

I'm a fitness pusha, clean eating gangsta, and nutrition dealer. I'm a dancer, yogi-in-training, American Sign Language-English Interpreting student and ex-martial artist.

Anything that is positively delated to one's fit & nasty lifestyle, I ENCOURAGE.

This is still & forever will be a journey for me. I will always be a student of life. I strive to find all the answers to your fitness questions & concerns with every bit of "oomf" I've got in me. Everybody wants to be fit. And I want to encourage everyone to do so! Feel free to ask away, give me suggestions and opinions and please submit pics of your fantabulous transformations...because I wana see yaaaaa get down fit & nasty.

Inspirational Words to get your butt up!
No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to change. - Bill Phillips


you can’t want it bad for a few hours…you gotta want it bad every morning, every time you hit the treadmill or hit the weight room, every time you get in the kitchen. you can’t just want it when you’re watching others do work or when you’re sidelined. you gotta want it 24/7 365. you knew what you signed up for.