So you want to know who I am...don't cha?
I'm Shi ^-^ (ShE).
I run this thang.
I stay fit and keep my workouts nasty :p

I'm a fitness pusha, clean eating gangsta, and nutrition dealer. I'm a dancer, yogi-in-training, American Sign Language-English Interpreting student and ex-martial artist.

Anything that is positively delated to one's fit & nasty lifestyle, I ENCOURAGE.

This is still & forever will be a journey for me. I will always be a student of life. I strive to find all the answers to your fitness questions & concerns with every bit of "oomf" I've got in me. Everybody wants to be fit. And I want to encourage everyone to do so! Feel free to ask away, give me suggestions and opinions and please submit pics of your fantabulous transformations...because I wana see yaaaaa get down fit & nasty.

Inspirational Words to get your butt up!
No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to change. - Bill Phillips